Looking for a kit that has everything when it comes to laving needles and FID's for just about every size of cord up to 550 paracord? Then this kit is it.

You get all three sizes of Permalok needles, the regular, the jumbo and the long (super) jumbo, our 3.5mm and 4mm nickel plated brass 4" long lacing needles, our 4" aluminum lacing needle/FID, our 2.5" aluminum lacing needle/FID, our 4" aluminum shovel nose needle, our 4" polished stainless steel lacing needle/FID, our 2.5" polished stainless steel lacing needle/FID, our 4" polished stainless steel shovel nose needle and 8 1/2" aluminum extensions for the aluminum and stainless steel needles.

Thats 11 needles in all and 8 extensions. You'll cover everything from micro cords to 550 cord. 

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Complete Lacing Needle and FID kit

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